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We bet you’ve never seen a Prius V like this one! Our uniquely customized 2013 Prius V is not only a legally compliant limousine that is properly certified, inspected, and insured; it’s so much more than that.

It’s “green,” affordable, reliable, and features the amazing comfort, safety, and technology of the revolutionary Toyota Prius. Just because a “Limo” is not ostentatious or gas guzzling, doesn’t mean riding in it shouldn’t be a luxurious, clean, comfortable, and downright enjoyable experience. The Prius–an electric/gas hybrid car–makes an ideal personal limousine for regular use.

Though Toyota currently dominates the hybrid car mindset with its Prius, don’t think the automaker’s resting on its laurels. It has to keep innovating its Prius hybrid and find new technologies to incorporate into it in order to fight off the competition.

Now comes word that Toyota intends to develop a larger version of the Prius and a lithium-ion battery will be powering it.

Toyota currently relies on a nickel-metal hydride battery to work its hybrid vehicles. Now there’s talking of tapping its lithium-ion batteries. The company already has a partnership with Panasonic to develop them for cars.

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