Mercedes Benz S-Class Hearse Limousine

About The Limo

The all new 2016 E Class Mercedes Benz Hearse by big limos is proud to introduce the 2016 Mercedes Benz hearse that comes with sleek modern lines and all stainless steel roof with clean modern elegant body lines that do not resemble the hearses of the older days.

This new hearse is the epitome of opulence and elegance with all suede and a fully motorized carriage with designer hardware rollers and bier pens give this hearse the most elegant and beautiful appearance of any hearses ever made to date! Big Limos represents a history of the finest craftsmanship and building of all types of custom cars with the all new 2016 Mercedes-Benz e class hearse we have yet again reached a new pinnacle and design in a A way which no company today has yet been able to achieve, versus previously resembled gaudy boxes similar to makeshift dog houses on the back of a vehicle.

They did not look like they rolled off the factory floor. Most of them were finished with vinyl roofs- that is not the case with big limos. only the finest materials and craftsmanship have been used from the solid steel reinforced airtight cabin to the crushed velvet encased 4000 pound automatic actuator which pushes the caskets on to the church truck be on the length of the bumper. The new hearse wagon e class by big Limos is truly remarkable and something to be desired by any funeral home or cemetery.

The hearse is not only beautiful, elegant And has completely redesigned the hearse as you can imagine, but it is the new Marquis billboard for any funeral home or director who aspires to bring back the years of the traditional funeral whether you are taking loved ones remains in an urn or carrying a beautiful mahogany casket. The Mercedes-Benz hearse by big limos is the only way to go. Please contact us for more details and your opportunity to own the finest hearse in the world!

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