Turning heads

The Volkswagen Phaeton Lounge was revealed at the 2005 Dubai Motor show, and designed by Volkswagen Individual, this stretch limousine has turned heads. Especially in the luxury driven market of Dubai.Leave it to Volkswagen to be the first to come up with something as fresh and innovative as a 4 wheel drive limousine.

German build quality

Known for their superior German handling and minimalist yet classy interiors, the Volkswagen has been a popular automobile manufacturer in America for the last several decades.


Is it any wonder that they should come up with something new to the limousine industry?The Phaeton Lounge limo is built to accommodate four passengers in the lap of luxury, a fully customized vehicle which is built specifically for each individual end user.

At a glance

4 wheel drive, 420 horsepower W12 engine Refrigerators, humidors and mini bar Dual 17″ displays in the DVD entertainment system,Mobile internet (and bluetooth) connectivity Finished in black and chrome



Power, performance and handling

A 420 horsepower W12 engine propels the Phaeton stretch. It was built from 3 Phaeton bodies, all reinforced in Volkswagen’s tradition for superior safety.Because of its 22 foot size it is limited to a ceiling speed of 112 mph, which is ok because who wants to get anywhere fast when sitting in the perfectly adjusted leather seat of the Phaeton stretch?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Reviews have come back mixed as to the look of the Phaeton stretch. Some say it looks like a stretched Passat, a mid size sedan whose appeal is aimed at young professionals.Others say that it is decadent and looks like it would appeal to royalty.Whatever your opinion, you have to admit that a 4 wheel drive stretch is pretty cool, and that 4 wheel drive might even come in handy.

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