Range Rover Office Limousine

To satisfy the needs of Range Rover customer’s big limos manufactured the Range Rover mobile CEO office. This Range Rover comes as a longer version than the standard Range Rover, maximizing the rear foot wells, comfort and leg room, while providing first-class travel, style and luxury.


This custom Range Rover mobile CEO office comes with the new supercharged 4.2 L 396bhp V8, and the 4.4 306bhp V8 and the turbo diesel engine.

A main critique of the Range Rover is that it is a large car and the legroom is only sufficient in the rear compartment. Big limos designed a solution that accommodates the customer’s exact requirements, including:

• Enhanced exterior styling
• Exclusive interior styling
• Electric reclining aircraft style rear seats
• Business/personal audio visual systems (Wi-Fi)TV/DVD
• Armouring to level B6 and above, available on request.
• Full length panoramic glass roof
• Fridge
• Engraving/embossing to the interior trim.

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