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Finance availableBig Limo have passed all EU and US Federal safety standard testing. Big Limo’s is the only true luxury van manufacturer named by Mercedes Benz as preferred and approved builders

Meet Big Limo. The Ultimate in Executive Transportation.

Whether in the world of automobiles, jewelry, watches or wine, discerning customers place value on superb craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and true exclusivity. But few products, no matter how exceptional they are to behold, can offer their owners that greatest luxury of all: The luxury of time.

The Big Limo is a rare product that confers upon its owner the ability to be productive and stay connected in a full mobile office environment, while transporting them in a fashion unequalled by any automobile or limousine. Indeed, riding in the spoils one forever when it comes to doing business on the go, entertaining friends, or just resting or relaxing throughout the journey.

From the turn of the first fastener by Big Limo master technicians is designed and built to uncompromising standards. Starting with the latest generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Big Limo transforms Europe’s proven, reliable workhorse into a vehicle offering unmatched value, productivity, comfort, and the highest levels of occupant protection. All with an understated exterior design that assures the utmost discretion for those traveling inside.

Welcome Aboard.

The walk-in electric sliding door glides open as guests enter a cabin that rivals the most exclusive private jet. The accommodates up to nine adults, and is available in three body sizes and six floor plans. Leg- and headroom is unmatched by any sedan, limousine or SUV, while the extra-height models boast stand-up headroom for the ultimate feeling of big-airliner spaciousness.

Inside the large cabin, amenities abound. Those with a discerning eye will appreciate fit and finish executed to a standard found in the most exclusive automobiles from Goodwood, Crewe and Stuttgart. Big Limo artisans – each a master of his craft – use only aircraft-grade leathers and Ultraleather for walls and headliners. Cabinetry and tables are finished with jewel box-quality veneers, some with furniture-grade inlay. Custom patterned, hand-tufted wool carpeting covers the floors, often woven to the client’s specification. And for a tranquil ambience, soothing aircraft-style LED lighting, aviation-style electric blinds and an optional bulkhead divider offer total privacy.

Productivity that Puts You Miles Ahead.

In other vehicles, time spent on the road translates into wasted minutes or hours, where cramped quarters, noise and distractions make doing business difficult, if not impossible. But owners have discovered a better way. Imagine arriving at the office with a head start on international news and markets. Or with email, calls and video conferences already underway. With Big Limo’s Van advanced technology, it’s easy.

Since 1975, Big Limo has been writing the book on integrating state-of-the-art technology into the mobile environment.

Big Limo works with world-class IT professionals, leading manufacturers, security and logistics staffs to develop reliable systems that function seamlessly, while providing the highest standards of protection, safety and privacy. Think of as Command Central, where work and entertainment are just a Crestron Touch Screen away. Crestron is the leader in control and automation systems worldwide, and the custom-programmed Touch Screen displays give passengers fingertip control of all communications, computing and entertainment, as well as climate control, privacy partition, electric sliding door and window coverings.

What Can You Do ?

Latest 4G connectivity provides instant Internet and video streaming downloads. In peace and quiet, passengers manage correspondence, hold video conferences, access high-speed Internet or get news and market updates on a 40-inch LED/LCD display integrated into the cabin’s privacy partition or on a second, rear-mounted monitor.

When it’s time to relax with music or Blu-ray discs, enjoy them in surround sound, with the power and presence of a dedicated home theater. After experiencing all the powerful technology of the van, it becomes impossible to imagine traveling any other way.

The Ride of Your Life.

Big Limo’s proprietary VIP seats are works of engineering art: two passengers relax in seven-way adjustable, airline-style recliners with full electric leg extensions … truly the most comfortable seats on land or in the air.

Of course, at Big Limo, a quiet, smooth ride is the key to comfort. Inside, aviation-level sound deadening and noise isolation is engineered into every van. Outside, advanced suspension tuning and chassis refinements ensure that passengers enjoy a sedate, supple ride regardless of road surface. And whatever the weather, a heavy-duty climate control system with HEPA filter furnishes fresh air – quietly.

Safe, Efficient and Environmentally Conscious

Naturally, the Big Limo Van is engineered to the highest safety standards. Active and passive safety systems include Load Adaptive Electronic Stability Program, anti-lock braking, skid control and roll-over mitigation. In short, The Big Limo Van has the most advanced safety technology ever offered in its class.

When it comes to efficiency, breakthrough BluTec Diesel with advanced NOx-reducing technology – only by Mercedes-Benz – makes the engine in the Sprinter Van one of the cleanest on the planet, combining extremely low emissions with low fuel consumption. The high-torque engine can idle for hours to power all onboard systems at full output, and offers low maintenance matched with longevity that is the envy of the industry.

Big Limo is an approved, preferred builder of Sprinter Van luxury conversions under the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assurance Program, and meets or exceeds the same exacting quality and safety standards established by the Mercedes-Benz factory. That means the Big Limo Van is perfectly at home next to the world’s most beautiful automobiles, with tasteful exterior enhancements that include monochromatic paint, front valance with S-Class grill, and trim details and wheels that complement the classic Mercedes-Benz style.

Who Owns a Sprinter Van?

Big Limo customers – many of them instantly recognizable – come from the music, entertainment and high-tech industries, Fortune 500 businesses, or they may be heads of state and royal families in more than 25 countries around the globe. All have one thing in common: a successful and busy lifestyle that places demands on their time. The Big Limo Van is the solution to making the most out of their busy day, while maintaining an understated profile in travel.

For more than 35 years – under one ownership – Big Limo has gained a reputation as the leader in luxury conversions, and their Van is the crown jewel of the company’s product line. Mike Walstrom, president of Big Limo, attributes his success to one thing. “We listen to our customers, and we learn from them. Because Big Limo Van owners are unique, we work with each client to deliver solutions that meet their exacting demands, catering to personal tastes in style and specification. We work hard to exceed their expectations in every product we build.”

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