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Our commitment

At Big Limos we feel as though we have a commitment to the environment. We are based in Southern California, a naturally beautiful place filled with palm trees, orange groves and miles of coastline.Living and working so closely with Mother Nature forces us to stand up and appreciate the need for responsible buisness practices.What? You say, a company that builds and sells gas guzzling stretch SUVs can’t possibly care about the environment. Oh, but we do. After all, it is the youth of today (and future potential customers) that will be affected the most by the way we treat our planet now.Because of this we always have and always will dispose of all of our waste responsibly and in accordance with California State law.

and the math…

6mpg on a full 26 passenger stretch H2 Hummer averages at .23mpg per person.The average SUV may manage 12mpg which works out to 2.4mpg per person.As long as there are more than a handful of people traveling in one vehicle, then traveling by limo can be 10 times LESS harmful to the environment than the average SUV.  Any vehicle large enough to carry large groups of people will get lower gas mileage, however they also take extra cars off the road and that helps to eliminate traffic congestion as well as pollution.For the simple fact that we do manufacture cars that use more fossil fuel than the average vehicle, we feel compelled to give something back, so we’ve implemented our ‘Take some, give some back’ program. This program is simple, for every limousine we build, at the end of production, we plant a tree.Not only are we always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment, but we’d actually like to make a difference too. If you have any suggestions or improvements we can make, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

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