Custom Cadillac Escalade Limousine

Custom Cadillac Escalade VIP Limousine

Big Limos – Custom Stretch Executive Escalades


Big Limos is a USA based custom limo and coach builder offering a great lineup of Cadillac CEO-class limousines for ultimate mobile office experience inside. Our Executive Escalades are reliable, comfortable and greatly designed both inside and outside, with traveling passenger’s luxury and security needs in mind. You can hold conferences and make business calls in them setting you apart from the rest. We deliver custom stretch Cadillac limousines that would ensure the best productivity and luxury in executive transfer.


When you need luxury transportation to run business in unequaled comfort and style, nothing can match the standards of engineering and performance of Big Limos’ Executive Escalade ESVs.


We focus on including a number of exclusive features and innovative features into our executive Cadillac limousines that are not even available in the standard SUVs: high speed internet, custom lighting and sound, large LED displays, security cameras, digital entertainment and touch screen system to control everything from the reclining CEO chair that would give you a royal like feel. Our unique range of modern technology combines with premium quality materials such as airline grade leathers, wood lacquer finished cabinetry and custom made and fit carpets, brushed aluminum knobs, door levers, switches and ambient interior lighting in order to produce the most sophisticated interior like that of a jet.


No matter if you are a top class CEO, a rockstar, a Saudi royal or a celebrity, your time is very important. Your travel time should not be spared as you can use it to hold a conference or connect to the word-wide web, while travelling in our custom stretch Cadillac CEO vehicles, or just relax and rest in pure comfort and luxury. We have artisans specialized in custom conversion of Executive Cadillac limousines and to deliver ultimate productivity vehicles featured in the wish list of CEOs and executives around the world.


Custom Cadillac Escalade Limousine


Finance available The ultimate mobile office may come as a surprise. Make calls and hold conferences when others simply can’t. It’s a better day for business travel.


Big Limo Cadillac Escalade ESV sets the standard for luxury and productivity in executive transportation.


The journey begins with the most capable platform on the road today. Cadillac’s Escalade ESV is simply the best built, most reliable, spacious and versatile vehicle suited to our customers’ mission. That mission, of course, is adding productivity—and time—to their busy day, in unequalled safety and comfort. Only Big Limo transforms a winning Cadillac platform to give Big Limo ESV owners the greatest luxury of all: gaining useful, productive time.


Unequalled comfort, utmost safety.


The Big Limo Cadillac Escalade ESV redefines comfort and luxury, while providing the utmost protection and privacy. Big Limo’s proprietary, seven-way-adjustable VIP airline-style recliners with electric leg-rest extensions work with Cadillac’s Magnetic Ride suspension to deliver a truly remarkable ride quality. Nobody else has Big Limo’s VIP seating, developed by Big Limo engineers to exceed the comfort of any other seat on the road. When it comes to comfort, no limousine or luxury sedan even comes close.


A spacious cabin that’s truly First Class.


Those with a discerning eye will appreciate fit and finish executed to a standard found in the most exclusive automobiles from Goodwood, Crewe and Stuttgart. Big Limo artisans, each a master of his craft, use only aircraft-grade leathers and Ultra-leather – used throughout the private aviation industry by all ten Crystal Cabin Award winners – for walls and headliners. Cabinetry and tables are finished with jewel box-quality veneers, some with inlay by our master craftsmen. Custom patterned, hand-tufted wool carpeting covers the floors, often woven to the client’s specification. And for a tranquil ambiance, soothing aircraft-style LED lighting and a bulkhead divider that opens and closes at the touch of a button offers total privacy. Big Limo customers place value on superb craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and true exclusivity, and the Big Limo ESV delivers.

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