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Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse

Hearse Limo

Several car manufacturers such as Lincoln, Cadillac and Ford sell their sedans to coachbuilders with a package
specifically engineered for funeral vehicles
Cadillac Limo Manufacturer

Lincoln Limo Manufacturer

Ford Limo Manufacturer

Using specifically manufactured vehicles helps to make the transition and rebuild easier and more convenient. It also ensures the quality of the vehicles used for modification.

Hearse package

A few of the stock ‘hearse package’ options include heavy duty suspension to accommodate bulky bodywork and support heavy payloads; commercial strength chassis, which is both stronger and lower than average to aid in easy loading and unloading; and a longer wheelbase which also assists in accommodating the heavier rear end of the vehicle. Each of these modifications has a purpose in making a funeral car specifically fitted for the industry.

Contemporary landau style

While it’s not generally a glamorous vehicle, it’s a necessary one. The United States tends to favor a more contemporary landau style funeral cars, generally starting as a Lincoln or Cadillac frame. While Europe favors more traditional Limousine style hearses using European bases such as Jaguars, Mercedes and Volvos.

Funeral car interior

Hearse Manufacturer


Large space
Robust reinforced chassis
Tastefully styled

Whatever your needs

At Big Limo we can accommodate any funeral car request or customization at our state of the art facilities in California. Whichever style our clients appreciate, we can customize to their needs. Any of the above mentioned sedans convert nicely into capable funeral vehicles.

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