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Looking for a Custom Stretched Navigator Limousine?Finance available

The Lincoln Navigator is known for its clean lines, raw power and sheer versatility. However, its most notable accomplishment is passenger safety.

Highest customer satisfaction

From 2001 – 2006 the Navigator has dominated comparable SUV’s in the Government’s front crash test ratings, earning the top 5-stars six years in a row. This makes it one of the safest SUVs on the road today, and enhances its safety as a stretch limousine. Its customer satisfaction ratings are consistently high and many who buy a Lincoln Navigator become loyal Navigator owners for life.

Groundbreaking technology

The Navigator cornered the market for luxury SUV vehicles in 1998, pre-SUV craze. The only competition for rugged opulence they faced at that time was the Range Rover. Not long after Lincoln introduced America to the luxury SUV that is the Navigator, other manufacturers followed suit, making Lincoln a groundbreaker and an industry leader in SUV technology.

Luxury and power

With safety as its cornerstone, add luxurious interiors, magnificent styling, and power under the hood, these elements combine to make it a fantastic SUV for limousine purposes.Possessing a style that appeals to the younger generations and the Lincoln name that appeals to those who have been around long enough to appreciate the longstanding quality associated it; the Lincoln Navigator is a favorite SUV for limousine companies all across America.

The 2007 Lincoln Navigator

Direct from the factory the Navigator is prepared to pamper it occupants. It continues to stay one step ahead of the class it created by introducing more amenities to is buyers.This forward thinking SUV is the first in its class to offer a fully automatic 6 speed transmission, which not only refines the ride, but aids in better gas mileage. This is an important factor for any limousine and especially the SUV limousines.
Navigator Interior


All wheel or rear wheel drive
Up to 200 inch. 20 – 24 Passengers (depending on configuration)
All wheel or rear wheel drive


One of the most important elements in the customization process is the finished color. Paint your Navigator any color under the rainbow and finish it with a choice of metallic, pearlescent or high gloss finishes.

Sales Details

Availability: Standard versions available now. Customizations on request
Delivery: Free delivery globally
Price range: $90,000 – $240,000
Amoring: All calibers of ballistic armoring available
Reliability: 10/10
Safety: 8/10 better than OEM
ROI rating: 10/10

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