Our Mission

Our mission is building quality coaches, plain and simple. Through state of the art craftsmanship, a range of sophisticated options and upgrades, and highly advanced entertainment systems we strive to give our customers quality service and results. We draw from years of experience in the limousine industry to offer a wider range of amenities. Rest assured that your safety, comfort and
satisfaction are our priorities.

Talented Design Team

Whether you are looking to customize your favorite vehicle into a one of a kind conversation piece, or add a stretch to your existing fleet, our talented design team can help. Through the years we’ve earned a solid reputation for being dependable and standing behind our products and commitments.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer service team is trained to be knowledgeable and efficient and our manufacturing facilities utilize the most advanced coach building techniques available.

Limousine Servicing

We also offer service stations for limousines and coaches. Regardless of make or model we have specialists available for
troubleshooting and problem solving.

More Than Just Limos…

We can also customize boats, airplanes, in fact anything your heart desires (within reason that is) can be customized by us.Backed by our extensive knowledge of mechanics and electrical exclusive to luxury chauffeured vehicles, no problem is too big to solve.

Contact us now at (714) 330-6705 to discover how we can help you!

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