Chrysler 300 Limousine


The sleek, Bentley-esque lines of the Chrysler 300 limo and the fact that it can hold eight passengers or more makes it an ideal choice for wedding parties. Pair this limo with a Bentley, and you would have the perfect bride-and-groom set. This “baby Bentley” is also a fine choice for prom attendees wanting to make a spectacular entrance; it is available in a multitude of colors as well. The limo is also well-suited for airport trips, concert events, and corporate transport.

The black custom stretched Chrysler 300C limousine is one of the most popular in Big Limos fleet due to its classic look and elegant interior. Accommodating 12 passengers comfortably, the Chrysler 300C limousine come equipped with fiber optics, lasers, mirrored ceiling panels, CD stereo, iPod, MP3 and DVD capabilities and a full beverage bar.

The Chrysler 300 Dynamics

Chrysler 300 gives you a cool and smooth ride in the road. It has an engine that give it a distinct performance and a gliding movement n that is critical your quiet enjoyment of your limo ride. The limo has a 6.4L engine and a horsepower of 470-hp that make a bust from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, yet gentile on fuel giving you up to 34 miles per gallon. This is a great car, try it today.

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