Custom Stretched Mercedes Limo

Custom Stretched Mercedes Limousine

Finance available After the luxurious Mobile Office SUV concept, the latest offering from Big Limo is the Mercedes Stretch Limousine, which offers pure comfort and luxury to the owner. The two models being offered are the Mercedes 27″ E320 Bluetec Diesel and the Mercedes 27″ S550. The overhead control console of the Merc limo is done with walnut hardwood and the seating is all leather. Other salient features include chrome wheels, illuminated vanity mirrors, AM/FM stereo with single CD/DVD system, dual 7” flat screen TV in pillars, facing seats, rear facing armrest with cup holders, vanity console, conveniently mounted exit assist straps, 12v electric ports, illuminated hardwood consoles with stainless steel accent, storage area lighting, Champagne Chateau, ice chests and hands-free intercom. Inside the Mercedes Stretch Limousine, users can enjoy drinks from the bar, watch TV and DVD, and communicate in pure comfort.

  • 30″ Custom Extension – Rolls Royce Edition
  • Center panel with glass or solid panel
  • All leather seatings
  • Mohawk vinyl top with factory rear window
  • Upgraded suspension package
  • Rear vanity mirrors
  • Two 12 Volts electric ports
  • Tissue box and trash chute on package tray
  • AM FM CD radio in overhead cockpit
  • 2 LCD TV facing seats
  • Exit assist straps and coat hooks
  • Side consoles for storage
  • Window tinting to rear compartment
  • Hardwood center console glassware and ice chest
  • 5/8″ Wool felt temperature control insulation on floor
  • Double radiant barrier insulation on roof and side panels
  • Rubber backed reversible overlay mat
  • Rust inhibitor application to underbody
  • Additional AC and heat Evaporators
  • 1 Auxiliary heavy duty 9″ pusher fan
  • LED Overhead reading lamps over forward facing seats
  • Single glass or privacy divider
  • Hands free intercom system
  • All fiber optics moved and extended to match factory electrical system
  • All materials to match the Mercedes finish interior and exterior
  • Technical manual with complete drawings
  • Drive line extension fully balanced


  • 2 electric ottomans foot rests
  • Small fridge (5L)
  • Center Console for ice glassware and bottle storage, tambour door

Not All Limousines Are Created Equal

When it comes to limousine sales, the company definitely makes a difference. If you buy from a car dealer, you are paying more than you need to pay, not to mention that you might end up with an inferior product. If buying from a limousine dealer, you are dealing with the middle man. Someone created that limo and sold it to the dealer. The dealer has to make a profit, so he has to charge you more.

At Big Limo, there is no middle man. We can create custom limos, or you can buy one from the lot that is ready to roll. Also, unless you buy a limousine from the manufacturer, you have no way of really knowing the type of workmanship that went into creating the limo.

We use the best engineering practices when custom building our vehicles. We aim not just for beautiful vehicles that will turn heads, but that are also extremely comfortable for the passengers. Dual A/C, surround sound, fine leather seats, updated suspension and tinted windows are just a few of the ways that our limos promise the most for your money.

All orders are done via phone

Since every limo is custom made to your needs, we want to make sure we don’t miss anything.

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