Taming the beast

It may be hard to believe that we at Big Limos want to help preserve the environment, especially considering that the majority of limousines we build are SUV stretch limos, often thought of as monsters of the road. Hey, they way we look at it, SUV’s are the monsters, we just tame them.



Reduce traffic & pollution

When cars carry more than one passenger they are allowed to ride in the carpool lane because it’s helpful to the environment. A limousine carries alot more than 2 people at a time, which cuts down on pollution, cuts down on traffic, uses less gas over all, and of course gets to travel in the carpool lane.

Consider the numbers

If you consider the numbers, you may be surprised at how fuel efficient an SUV stretch can be. An H2 stretch, filled to max capacity (26 passengers) averages about 6mpg, this translates to about 0.23mpg per person. A regular non stretch H2 with seats filled, averages about 12 mpg, which is about 2.4 mpg per person.

If everyone traveled in Limos car pollution would be up to 10 times lower


Paying attention to nature

Having our home base in Southern California makes us even more aware of the need for a clean environment. This is the land of cars, the land of driving, and the land of soccer moms in enormous SUV’s. It’s also the land of the sparkling Pacific, palm trees and orange groves, none of which can survive without us paying attention to Nature.What we do today affect our customers of tomorrow, so every time we complete work on a new limousine, we plant a tree as a constant reminder that we need to do more.

Doing our bit

Bottom line, we can’t cure the existing pollution in our world today, however we can take steps to help eliminate future pollution and that starts with responsible production facilities, proper waste disposal and of course carpooling at every opportunity.So next time you are traveling with more than a handful of people, take a limo, its better for the environment. (or at least let us know, via the box below, what you think we can do to improve our practices).

Big Lamos