Considering America’s love/hate relationship with the H2, why has it become one of the most popular and requested SUV’s to stretch, and one of the most requested limousines to rent?

Braving the storm

The H2 is an SUV that people love to hate. We love it because it has noble and tough roots; the original hummer helps American soldiers fight wars.It gives us a sense of camaraderie with those who are braving the storm on our behalf.The downside to this is the obvious over consumption that leads to its addiction to oil. It becomes a catch 22 as we are going into battle driving the very vehicles that force our dependence on the oil industry.

An American Symbol

We love it because it cradles us in its strong, safe, leather clad embrace. The H2′s immense size and weight (it weighs 8400 lbs. stock!) give us the feeling of security and it is truly a symbol of America’s ‘bigness’.


A list of the H2′s pros and cons would hardly be complete without a nod to its horrible gas mileage. Ford’s Model T, the first car ever mass produced, got twice the lowly 9 miles to the gallon the H2 offers, now that’s perspective.However, in its defense the H2 seems to take the heat for all the gas guzzling SUV’s out there. The reality is all SUV’s use a lot of gas, but limousines are far more fuel efficient on a per passenger basis. So using an SUV to stretch makes perfect sense and the Hummer is the perfect choice.


Safety, comfort and style

Bottom line, when shopping for a limousine, people aren’t looking for the most fuel efficient vehicle out there, they are looking for safety, comfort, presence and style. These are things the H2 has in excess, when you show up in an H2 stretch; everyone looks.

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