Energy efficient expedition

According to a recent article in Steve Wozniak (the co-founder of Apple) will travel to the South Pole in a

Hydrogen powered Hummer H1.Due to commence in December 2007, the group will drive an H1 that uses hydrogen fuel cells as its energy source and film the expedition for a new 3D James Cameron film.

Raising awareness

wozThis sounds like a fun adventure, will raise some awareness for Hydrogen fuel cell technology, which appears to be a viable alternative to gas (though not quite yet for us) and will probably make a good film too.Fortunately for Wozniak, his co pilot happens to be none other than Buzz Aldrin (the co pilot on the lunar landings in 1969).Though, Steve, you really should have sent your H1 to us to be stretched first, that way you could relax, watch a DVD, drink and enjoy the trip while someone else does all the hard work.Lets hope all goes well for the team and we will give you more information as it becomes available, including hopefully, a look at the preparation and vehicle details.As a side note, the H1 was recently discontinued.


Big Lamos