Two Promising Choices for Business Limousines

There is no doubt that it makes good business sense to invest in a limo car for sale. Apart from branding, a luxury sedan offers comfort, safety, the best features, and the option to finish work while on the road. However, once you have decided to buy a car, the next obvious question is – which limo to buy? Big Limos offers you an exciting range of luxury limousines with different features, styles, and designs. Further, you also have the option to customize the vehicle based on your own personal or business requirements. In this article, let’s discuss two viable options.

Chrysler 300 limousine

Are you looking for a limousine car for sale? You can’t go wrong with the Chrysler 300 limo which can easily seat about eight occupants. Whether you need a vehicle for corporate transport, concert events, or airport trips, this black custom limo is very elegant, popular, and classy! If you want to add more occupants, choose the version which can seat twelve people comfortable. This vehicle comes fitted with a trendy beverage bard, DVD, MP3, iPod, and CD stereo capabilities. Further, it has ceiling panels that are mirrored and also comes with lasers and optics. If you are looking for a smooth ride with excellent engine performance, then this is the vehicle for you. The Chrysler 300 has a 6.4L engine and enough horsepower to get to 60mph in just under 5 seconds. When it comes to fuel efficiency, you can expect about thirty-four miles for every gallon.

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade is known for its style, options for customization, beautiful interiors, and for being a great ride. It is especially popular among young people, athletes, and celebrities. The limo version offers all that and more. Based on the configuration you require; the limo can be stretched to accommodate occupants. Further, you can choose between a rear-wheel drive or all-wheel. The colors available include high glossy finishes, pearlescent or metallic options. You can pick a color based on your own personal or business tastes. Buying this limo car for sale is a great business investment as the vehicle offers opulent comfort and safety will not have to worry about anything. Equipped with ballistic armoring, all your passengers will remain safe from outside threats. For better stability, the Cadillac Escalade limo is fitted with a reliable StabiliTrak. If you are looking for something unflashy, durable, and elegant, then this limo is a great buy.
Give your business the prestige and recognition it deserves by investing in a top-quality limousine car for sale. Big Limos offers affordable vehicles that you can add to your existing fleet. Whether you need to transport important clients, top executives, or handle a meeting on the road, limos are a great way to travel in style, while you get work done. Contact the company for more details.

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