Armored Rolls Royce Phantom

Big Limos is a USA based custom limo and car conversion company designing, manufacturing and delivering finely armored bulletproof limousines for a wide range of clients and meeting their ultimate security needs. We can armor every make and model of luxury limousines up to B7 armoring level to provide maximum safety to traveling people from gun fires, explosives and missile attacks. The use of advanced technology and high quality materials help keep up the aesthetic appearance of our armored bulletproof limousines and its security performance in the most unsafe zones. With us, your armored limos can be efficiently built as executive mobile offices or special event vehicles. Big Limos provides an extensive range of armored bulletproof limousines including models like Cadillac, Lincoln, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and more. These luxury vehicles suit and satisfy our diverse clientele of top class executives, diplomats, VIPs, politicians, celebrities anywhere in this world. We specialize in building armored bulletproof limousines according to customer’s own security and budget.

Most of our armored bulletproof limos include perimeter armoring of the passenger compartment to comply with CEN 1063 level B6 and/or NIJ Standard 0108.01 Level 3 while giving protection against commercial cartridges like 7.62mm, 308 Winchester FMJ ammunition. However, many other protection levels are also on offer to make our customers highly safe and secure on the road. Our armoring process involves the best quality and tested components including flat wheels, ballistic glass, Kevlar clothing and stainless steel armored plates to let passengers experience the best armored protection all the time. We have expert engineers with excellent capabilities to stretch, armor and upfit the interior of limousines in a luxury manner using the latest technology and techniques in industry.

Based on our 20 years experience in armored bulletproof limousines fabrication, we can ensure our clients the best level of comfort and security. The interior of your luxury limousine will be either upfitted to meet factory standards or fully replaced and get customized to meet your own security specifications. Again, some extra features can be incorporated in armored bulletproof limos including reclining chairs with full body massage system, mini bars, LED lighting, contemporary audio and multimedia systems on your demand.

Big Limos’ armored limos come with finely finished interiors and innovative security features matching all of your security needs while bringing you excellent comfort and luxury during transportation. Our armored bulletproof limousines stand out from the rest not only in appearance but also in performance! Call us now at 714-330-6705 to order an armored ballistic-resistance limousine for your use.

Rolls-Royce is to launch a new armored Phantom aimed at the European and the Middle Eastern markets. The new Phantom looks identical to the original, but features a few modifications.

Key features B7 level protection Special purpose steel bodywork High-tech fibre composites Polycarbonate layer Thickened glass More details about the Armored Rolls Royce phantom.

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