Cadillac Sedan Limousine

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Authentic Heritage

The Cadillac has long been a symbol of wealth and stature.Its dedication to building luxury vehicles is unsurpassed and the Cadillac name is synonymous with quality workmanship and a smooth ride.These factors alone make any one of the Cadillac sedans a good choice for a stretch limousine.

Presidential limousines

The White House invariably chooses from the Cadillac line to transport its politicians, not to mention the President of the United States almost always has his own personal armored Cadillac limousine, often referred to as the Presidential limousine

Cadillac Deville


Swanky reputation aside, Cadillac is also known for customer satisfaction, catering to the common American just as aggressively as it markets the rich and famous.  As a limousine it imparts a sophisticated air simply by viewing the exterior, this is a stock vehicle that doesn’t require an abundance of options to ensure its luxury.

Cadillac sedan interior

Cadillac sedan interior

A Cadillac stretch limousine will round out a successful fleet, make the perfect luxury item for those who are looking for a personal stretch, and has the power and space to accommodate hotels or businesses looking for a chauffeured first impression.


  • All wheel or rear wheel drive
  • 120 inch (10 Passengers) 140 inch (12 Passengers) 180 (14 Passengers)
  • All wheel or rear wheel drive


One of the most important elements in the customization process is the finished color.  Paint your Cadillac any color under the rainbow and finish it with a choice of metallic, pearlescent or high gloss finishes.

Black Cadillac SedanWhite Cadillac SedanBlue Cadillac Sedan

Sales Details

  • Availability: Standard versions available now. Customizations within 8 working days
  • Delivery: Free delivery globally within 2 week
  • Price range: $60,000 – $250,000
  • Amoring: All calibers of ballistic armoring available
  • Reliability: 10/10
  • Safety: 8/10 better than OEM
  • ROI rating: 10/10

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