One of Our personal favorites:

Probably one of the most unique and recognizable stretch Hummer limos in the world has been put up for sale.

Gargoyle H2 Hummer limousine

The Gargoyle Hummer instantly stands out (even in a crowd of limos). This 200″ fully loaded custom built H2 stretch comes with scissor doors at the front and a Gulwing door for easy entrance to the rear


Key features

Front Scissor doors Centered Gullwing door5 Flat Screen TVs (UK), Digital TV & DVD Player5000 Watt Stereo System Custom Seat Bars Chrome stainless Steel Roof with Multi Change Fiber Optics State of the art lighting Full Exterior Chrome Pack with Big 20″ rims, Grille, Handles, Pedals, Latches and Indicator Surrounds Exterior Front and Rear Strobes Neon Lights Underneath Smoke Machine


The Exclusive Unique Paintwork was done by “Daemons” who used to paint Elvis’s Motorbikes



Oh and it also comes complete with private license plate and dedicated website.

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