Which SUV should I pick?

Let’s face it, not just anyone has the opportunity of asking themselves a question like that.  But for those who do, here are some pros and cons for some of the SUV giants out there.




Love it or hate it

The world seems to have a love-hate relationship with the second generation Hummer.It’s loved for its wide stance, tough parents and its commitment to luxe interiors.

Appeals the younger generations

Its roots and its size lend it a beastlike quality that appeals the younger generations and gives it a larger than life appeal.  Once inside, the H2 looses its tough guy attitude and becomes more of a wealthy old guy, with manners and class.

Bad fuel, pollution

It’s hated for its fuel consumption, potential for pollution, and large stature.At a lowly 9 miles to the gallon the H2 stretch is not a fuel efficient vehicle, bottom line, it is large and boxy, both of which destroy aerodynamics. The H2 is also disliked for its great size, which makes it hard to park, and difficult to drive in many areas.



One of the first luxury SUV’s

The Navigator was one of the first luxury SUV’s introduced to the American market.  They are well liked for their clean lines and simple but elegant styling.This SUV has won 5 stars in the Governments front crash test rating every year since 2001, so its commitment to safety is unmatched.  Those who buy a Navigator generally stay loyal to the brand for life.


Slow acceleration. Bad gas milage

The Navigator is well liked, however there is some negative feedback associated with it.  When it comes to acceleration, the get up and go leaves something to be desired, even though it comes stocked with a 300 horsepower 5.4 liter V8.  It is a hulking vehicle at upwards of 6000lbs. and for that reason gas mileage will be affected.




Street credibility

With its MTV street cred, prestigious symbolism and many aftermarket options, people love the Escalade.  It’s build to cradle its passengers in luxury and look sharp doing it.  Torque is never a problem with the Escalade, its powerful 345 horsepower, 6 liter V8 engine makes it a powerful option.   Not to mention its popularity with the youth of America, and many high profile athletes, musicians and actors.

Expensive repairs. Low resale

While the Escalade has the bling factor, it also has drawbacks.  They are built with costly equipment to keep up with Cadillac standards, which makes repairs very expensive when they are needed.  To add insult to injury, Cadillac is known for the less-than-adequate customer service in their service departments, even to customers who bought their car from them brand new.  On top of that the Escalade does not hold onto its re-sale value.

The top selling SUVs

This is only a handful of the SUV’s available on the market today, they are the top sellers for limousine companies accross the nation.  Each of them will have similar good points as well as drawbacks, and truly it comes down to personal style preference.

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