Color is a part of everyone’s life every day. From the shirt you put on, to the walls in your house, to the vehicle you love enough to purchase. Limousines are custom vehicles, and for that reason they offer a spectrum of color choices that


most vehicles do not.OK, so we know there are some serious reasons for picking your limo color, but we thought we’d have a little fun with this one.

What does your color choice say about your personality?

Gray – Gray is neither light nor dark, it’s the unobtrusive middle ground between black and white, gray is for someone who has difficulty committing.  People who need tranquility in their lives are more apt to choose gray because of its unassuming nature.Green – Beyond the obvious connection to nature and growth, those who find the color green pleasing to the eye possess a strong sense of self, or at least they want to.  Green is representative of stubborn people who possess a strong will for change, people who utilize their intuition and have a knack for creative problem solving.Blue – The color of quiet calm and unity, just looking at the color can actually relax your central nervous system.  Those who are attracted to blue are generally organized and driven with a taste for the finer things in life, they have ‘lone wolf’ tendencies and are generally very observant and creative.Red – Red is a high energy color.  People drawn to the color red have a tendency to be intense and passionate about everything they do, including solving problems others deem unsolvable.  Red represents the flame of the human experience and those who are energetic, spontaneous and focused.Yellow – The color of the sun ignites many emotions to those who love it, cheerfulness, lack of inhibition, and originality.  Yellow symbolizes the desire for constant change and the need to find new methods, styles and ideas.Brown– Those attracted to earthy brown tones are generally grounded, appreciate a calm environment, and prefer the outdoors. They tend to stick with convention instead of following trends, and can also be set in their ways.  This means they have a strong value system, but that makes change difficult for them.Black – Many people assume that the color black symbolizes nothingness, when in fact black is truly the opposite of that.  Those attracted to the color tend to be comfortable in situations that would give others anxiety, they appreciate attention, avoid confrontation and appreciate simplicity.Purple – Anyone who appreciates the color purple has a tendency to be a dreamer; they look at the world as a magical place and at times have a hard time defining reality.  However this makes their mind original and lends them an insight that very few possess.White – People who gravitate towards white are attracted to purity, whether it is of mind, spirit or soul.  White is representative of honesty and cleanliness and those who prefer it are generally shy and a tad bit critical.If read this far down, you probably dont have much better to do, so why not take a color test?

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